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Lighting Design

to combine interior plan with quantitative lighting design


- The SSL Code for Lighting, CIBSE

- Guidance Notes, ILE

- EEGS 2017, ArchSD

- BEC 2015, EMSD



a variety of lighting selected from worldwide, trendy and  functional

Architectural selection:

- Xicato (USA)

- SORAA (Japan)

- Targetti (Italy)

- O/M (Belgium)

- LUCI (Japan)

- Lucibel (France)

Decorative selection:

- Louis Poulsen (Denmark)

- Brokis (Czech Republic)

- VITA (Denmark)

- Original BTC (UK)

- Pablo (USA)




Quality is never an accident.

It is always the result of intelligent effort.


Design Simulation

to work out with professional simulation software, to preview the lighting effect.


- AutoCAD

- Dialux

  and more..


to put luminaires into groups, under different scenes with security network, in full wireless

- Real-time monitoring

- No Signal Wire Needed

- Full Automation

- Smooth Dimming

- Scheduling

- Open API to BMS

- APP/Software Controllable

- User-friendly UI

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